Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Supplying Needs Update

Supplying Needs now gives to about 1,400 people directly and indirectly (through sharing with other groups) food, clothes, and furniture. In this year alone from January through Mid-October we have received over 275,000 dollars worth of donations that has been distributed free of charge to those in need as well as sharing with other groups who are making a difference in their surrounding area.

Visited Bread of Life Ministries

On Saturday a couple of us were able to go and see for ourselves Bread of Life Ministry in action. It was amazing and mind blowing. When Bread of Life first started giving food it was to about 80 people and now with the economy and lack of jobs they are giving food away to 500+ with that number increasing monthly. They do an awesome job loving the people and meeting them where they are at. It is a blessing to be able to partner with groups like these who truly care about the people in their local area.
Praying Before They Give Out The Food!

The Line Starts Here!

Getting the Ice Cream Ready to Give Out!

Loading the People with Food!

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